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Family Medicine in Pre-clinical Years of Medical School: Fruitful or Futile

Abdul Sattar Khan, Zekeriya Akturk


Family medicine is the one field that gives you full satisfaction and a sense of being the complete physician because of taking care of the whole person and others around. However it is not fully accepted by the medical students as an admiring medical specialty and different efforts have been made to accept it at different stages of medical schools.

The family medicine introduced currently in different models and different shapes in different parts of the world but mainly existing three models – resident trainings, on job trainings and undergraduate teaching. Family medicine usually started in clinical period of undergraduate medical education in many part of the world and found effective.

Ataturk University is one of those universities, which took a lead and established a family medicine department in 2009. Nevertheless this department entered into curriculum and was able to apply a new model of family medicine in first and second year of teaching. Although the family medicine department is just two years old we are hopeful that it will continue to grow and even will be very fruitful.

In this article, we emphasize the importance of family medicine in undergraduate medical education by presenting the Atatürk University’s model as an example.

Key words: undergraduate medical education, medical education, medical curriculum 

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