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Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine (EJFM)


Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine (EJFM) is an open access international journal which publishes clinical and experimental trials, interesting case reports, invited reviews, letters to the Editor, meeting, news and bulletin, clinical news and abstracts of interesting researches conducted in Family Medicine field. The language of the journal is English. The journal is based upon independent and unbiased double-blinded peer-review principles. The Journal is the scientific publication of the Eurasian Society of Family Medicine (ESFAM), and is published four times per year (March, June, September, December). Processing and publication of submitted papers are free of charge.

New improvement: Now, accepted to be indexed in SCOPUS...


Current Issue


Euras J Fam Med, Volume 10, Number 2, 2021                                               


Dear Distinguished Readers;

We are happy to present you the second issue of our tenth volume, which we believe is an important milestone in the history of our journal.

Impact and prestige of Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine is increasing day by day with the support of you, our esteemed readers and authors, and the valuable efforts of our editors and reviewers.

In this issue, there is a good news that I would like to share with you, which will be a remarkable example of the increase in the impact of our journal. With a message received on May 10, we learned with pride and happiness, that SCOPUS, one of the world's leading indexing services, accepted the application of Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine. I am sure that this development will increase our enthusiasm to work for the new achievements of our journal. This success is the work of not only editors and publishers, but also reviewers, authors and readers from all over the world.

We believe that we will give you new indexing news in forthcoming issues with the help of your citations to enhance the impact of Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine.

Hoping to meet with new good news in new issues...

Best Regards

Prof. Nezih Dagdeviren, MD
Editor in Chief

Original Research

41. The Effect of Vitamin B12, Physical and Cognitive Activity on Idiopathic Forgetfulness
Selcuk Mistik, Emine Agadayi, Emel Koseoglu
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):41-48.

Original Research

49. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Family Physicians on Antimicrobial Therapy for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections - A Study from Istanbul, Turkey
Guzin Zeren Ozturk, Dilek Toprak, Osman Sagsoz, Cuneyt Ardic
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):49-55.

Original Research

56. Implementation of Safe Sleep Practices by Mothers with 0-1 Year-Old Infants
Ilknur Yildiz
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):56-64.

Original Research

65. The Association of Metabolic Syndrome Components with Anthropometric Measurements
Cagla Ozdemir, Cenk Aypak, Suleyman Gorpelioglu
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):65-73.

Original Research

74. Problems Experienced by Family Physicians in Sivas during the Pandemic Period and Its Relationship with COVID-19 Fear
Seher Karahan, Ezgi Agadayi, Irfan Gazi Yilmaz
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):74-83.

Original Research

84. The Increasing Importance of the e-Health System after the COVID-19 Outbreak with New Healthcare Expectations
Zerrin Gamsızkan, Abdulkadir Kaya, Mehmet Ali Sungur
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):84-91.

Original Research

92. Evaluation of Adolescents' Status of The First-Step Health Services Use and Healthy Nutrition Behaviors
Burcu Kayhan Tetik, Isilay Gedik Tekinemre, Osman Kurt
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):92-99.

Original Research

100. The Reliability and Validity Analysis of The Turkish Version of the Test to Assess the Psychological Dependence on Smoking
Mert Bardakci, Serdar Oztora, Hamdi Nezih Dagdeviren
Euras J Fam Med 2021;10(2):100-106.